, Changes and upgrades in version 7.17

• implemented shortcode feature to insert any autoresponder's subscription form on any of the CMS page
• implemented filter feature on CMS page module.
• fixed pagination on CMS page management
• fixed bug in user registration
• fixed file attachment issue in message broadcast and followup.
• updated affiliate management module
• copied media library into the store module to improve workflow.
• color coded the store navigation menu to make all associated features appear under a specific color.

, Cashing In On Annual Cash Cows

When autumn hits we get to look forward to Halloween, Christmas and other fun holidays when we get to spend money and just plain have fun.

But there is another kind of fun you could be having with holidays, and that’s MAKING money with them.

Quick example: I know a bloke who earns $10,000 in about two week’s time every Halloween. He’s got a fairly simple site that doesn’t need much updating, but every October he gets a sudden influx of traffic and lots of Adsense cash and Amazon commissions.

Then his site pretty much just sits idle for the next 11 months or so, until he gets another rush.

Are you getting the idea? No, I’m not saying you should build a Halloween site or Christmas site. Those terms are competitive and you’ll ... read more

, 12.5 PLR Tips From The Pros

The Good, The Bad And The Super Profitable

Believe it or not, in online marketing the pros (and we’re defining “pro” as six figures of annual income) use PLR all the time. They just don’t advertise it. (Would you?)

Private Label Rights (PLR) is content you can use as you own. You can use it just as it is or modify it. And you get to claim authorship – hence, the name ‘private’ label rights.

You’re already familiar with the “bad,” and that refers to the quality of some PLR. Obviously, it pays to buy well researched, well written PLR products. If you have to completely re-write the
content, then you might as well have created it from scratch.

The good news is, most PLR these days is a higher quality than what we saw in the ... read more

, How to SELL Your Webinar

You hold a webinar to sell your big ticket item and...

...No one shows up.

It’s every webinar host’s nightmare.

Webinars can be hugely lucrative, IF you get people onto the call. And not just any people, either. You want hot prospects who are eager to hear what you have to say and buy the product you promote at the end.

But let’s face it – while webinars were an easy ticket to sales a decade ago, now people are burnt out on them.

“Another webinar? Yawn.”

Here’s how to get people to not only show up to your webinar, but look forward to it like a kid at Christmas, counting down the days and minutes until your webinar starts and they can soak up every juicy word.

1: Bold Promise with ... read more

, Changes and upgrades in version 7.16

• updated paginations feature on contacts, products and order pages
• updated order management module and implemented filtering feature to search in orders

, How To Achieve Anything in 90 Days...

...that you can’t achieve in a year.

What happens when you give yourself a goal to do something in the next year?

You procrastinate. “A year? Heck, I think I’ll take a vacation first. I can work on that tomorrow – next week – next month.”

You put it off. And put it off. And a year later... you are still exactly where you are right now, today.

But if you only give yourself 90 days, you’ve got to take action NOW. Not tomorrow. Not later today. But right now.

5 year plans? Work for almost no one. Things change during a year’s time – what about during 5 years?

Everything can change.

People function in 90 day chunks. You can’t plan to lose 50 pounds in a year because you’re continually eating the wrong things. Why? Because you think you can always ... read more

, How To Create Your First $300 Training Program In The Next 7 Days...

...even if you’re the world’s worst procrastinator.

I’ve used this technique to create all sorts of things, from a free bonus I put together and gave away for an affiliate product, all the way up to $1,000 training programs.

Creating content and products is a huge obstacle for most marketers because it takes so much time and effort.

But what if you had a way to create products – such as expensive training programs – that you could finish in a week?

And better still, what if you got paid for them before they were even done?

The first key is you need is a big, fat, public DEADLINE.

If your deadline is public, then you will move heaven and earth to get it done – or at least I hope you will.

If you don’t, you’re in for some major public ridicule and embarrassment, ... read more

, Changes and upgrades in version 7.15

• implemented password reset feature for users
• fixed issue with email personalization where the contact's signup date was not being processed in html formatted messages.
• fixed bug in user registration script.

, The 4 Basic Design Principles Every Marketer Should Know is CRAP!

Sorry for using that word, but it’s true...

C.R.A.P. - a design principle coined by the graphic artist Robin Williams - stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.

You know a good or bad design when you see one. But... how do you know why it’s bad or good?

And more to the point, how can you create webpage designs, product cover designs, banner designs and so forth that are so visually appealing, they pull the reader into your message?

By knowing and using C.R.A.P., you can consistently create effective design that increases conversions instead of chasing people away. That’s because the four design principles – when used together – help you to create a better user experience.


A small degree of contrast is bad, while obvious contrast is good. You want ... read more

, How To DOUBLE Profits In Your Existing Business

Just a side note: What you’re about to discover here can also be used to help others squeeze more profits out of their online businesses, as well. In fact, you could build an entire business out of making
other people’s businesses more profit using these simple methods.

Before you create new products and new profit streams, it makes good sense to maximize the earnings in your existing business.

To show you how this might be done, I’m going to use a membership site as an example. I love memberships because of the continuity of payments you receive. After all, why get paid just once on
a sale if you can get paid every month for several months or longer, right?

Let’s say you (or your client) have a ... read more

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